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Plato lead cutters will give you the precision of a high-end soldering tool, but for the price of a disposable shear cutter. Assemblers love the ergonomic effortless design shearing action, comfort, and safety of a Plato lead cutter. 

Plato lead cutters use the shear cutting method, which requires 50% less operator effort and extends cutting life. The thin profile design is perfect for hard to reach areas in electronic assembly. Plato cutter handles are cushioned for comfort all day and automatically spring back to their original position after each use.

Plato lead cutters 175 and 175LX come with a lead catcher, which holds onto a trimmer lead until the shear is opened. this prevents leads from flying off, which can lead to eye injury or contaminate the assembly.

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How do I avoid purchasing counterfeit Plato cutters from Amazon and other online sources?

Here are some other things you can do to protect yourself from counterfeit cutters: 1) Buy directly from, 2) Buy from one of our certified distributors:, and 3) Purchase 170LX, which we have not seen counterfeited yet. Same basic cutter with a premium handle:

How can I purchase replacement needle for Plato flux dispensing bottles?

Techspray does not offer replacement, only complete flux bottles. The needles are standard parts that are commonly used for automatic dispensing systems. You can find compatible needles with distributors like Grainger. They are 1" stainless steel needles, 21 guage for FD-2 and SF-2, and 26 guage for FD-21 and SF-1.

How many cuts can I expect from the Plato 170 Shear Cutter?

The lifetime of a Plato 170 cutter is dependent on a number of variables, including the thickness of the wire or lead and the amount of force used in the cutting process. The spring and hinge mechanism is tested and rated for 1 million cuts, but that’s just opening and closing. The life will be much short when actually cutting something. For maximum life on a high volume assembly line, consider the Plato Extra-Strong Cutter (part #170S), which has a more robust rivet and blades. It can cut 50% thicker gauge wire or leads, and will last longer in a production environment.